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Strategic Partnership

Gary Hill


Often viewed as one of the foundational artists in video art, Gary Hill is one of the most prominent creative minds of our time. We had the pleasure of collaborating with him on CC, a new work carrying forward the exploration of the concept of value as medium of exchange initiated in his 2006 installation FrustrumCC was exhibited and sold by Artcurial Paris in December 2022.

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Bringing a digital piece
into the digital realm

CC explores the intersection of physical and digital art. Bearing the original inscription featured in the stolen bar, the glass mould interacts with a video evoking Frustrum and the 2007 theft, sometimes catching a golden hue. The token ID is engraved on the left hand side of the glass mould to marry the physical and digital components.

The backstory of
the artwork

First exhibited at Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Frustrum featured a solid gold bar weighing twelve kilograms, engraved with the Gnostic proverb-like statement, “FOR EVERYTHING WHICH IS VISIBLE IS A COPY OF THAT WHICH IS HIDDEN.”  As Le Monde reported, the gold bar was stolen by three masked thieves in 2007. Hill's new work, CC, reflects on the theft by featuring the glass mould used to cast the stolen gold bar.

Artcurial Post-War

& Contemporary Sale

Selected works by Gary Hill and Ron Arad were part of the Post-War and Contemporary sale at Artcurial in December 2022. On this occasion, a round table discussion “Collecting and living with digital art” took place at Artcurial, in the presence of Gary Hill and collectors of video and digital art. The round table has been moderated by Shifting Vision.

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