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Digital Art is a forum on web3 technology, art making and the art market with international art experts, hosted by the New York Italian Institute of Culture.


Director of Barabasi Lab

Albert-László Barabási is a network scientist and is Director of Barabasi Lab at Northeastern University in Boston, which has been developing a visual vocabulary based on the team’s pioneering research in the art world. From the first simplistic diagrams to today’s elaborate aesthetic creations, the Lab’s visualisation work has evolved into an expressive language that creates a new relationship between art and science. In addition to serving as Robert Gray Dodge Professor of Network Science at Northeastern, Barabási holds an appointment in the Department of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and in Budapest, where he runs an European Research Council project at Central European University. 


CTO of Hidonix

Achille De Pasquale is the Chief Technology Officer at Hidonix, a tech company involved with several art initiatives. These include creating immersive and interactive experiences with artistic and cultural heritage and projects that deploy technology to enhance the cognitive, sensory and emotional spaces for art lovers. Hidonix’s mission is to  encourage the bringing together of artistic and cultural heritage, appealing to younger  generations.


Director of the NY Italian Cultural Institute

Fabio Finotti has been Director of  the New York Italian Cultural Institute since 2021. He previously acted as the Director of the Centre for Italian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2007 he was named the Mariano DiVito Professor of Italian Studies in the Department of Romance Languages and is Professor Emeritus. He has chaired the Inter-university Program of Italian Studies at Trieste-Udine Universities, and is President of the Antonio Fogazzaro National Edition as well as a member of the Olympic Academy in Vicenza. Finotti is on the board of directors of several scientific journals and editorial series and is  the international president of AISLLI-UNESCO (International Association for the Studies of Italian Language and Literature).


CEO and Founder of Cinello

Franco Losi is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Cinello along with John Blem. With offices in Florence, Milan and Copenhagen, Cinello partners with museums and creates DAW® - Digital Art Works of original pieces. A DAW®  is a digital multiple in 1: 1 scale, made in a limited series. DAWs®  are certified and not duplicable or reproducible thanks to a patented technology that guarantees its management. Each DAW® is unique, numbered, authenticated and respects all the constraints and requirements of the artwork. Cinello has agreements with many important public and private Italian museums that have authorised the reproduction of a wide selection of their most famous masterpieces like the Accademia Galleries of Venice and Uffizi Galleries.


Founder of Alessia of Panella Law Firm

Alessia Panella founded her law firm in 1997 after working as a researcher in European Community Law at the University of Law of Ferrara. Panella specialises in contracts and intellectual property, trademarks and patents, asset management and generational transition, as well as separations and divorces. She is a leading expert in art and cultural heritage and writes, lectures and participates in conferences at professional associations worldwide. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Miramare Museum, Co-President of the Italian Friends of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Co-Editor of the ÆS- Arts and Economics Legal Journal and Coordinator of the Art and Culture Table at Economists and Jurists Together.


Founder of AndArt Agency

Elliot Safra is the founder of AndArt agency, a creative agency that unleashes synergies between global brands and the art world. They move brand-images forward and help them make strong cultural statements. Safra is the Former Senior Director of Global Strategy at Lévy Gorvy and  was previously in the Chairman's Office at Christie's. Safra serves as Vice-Chair of the international board of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. He began his career working for the management consulting firm Bain & Company where he developed and implemented growth strategies for some of the world's largest international businesses.


Founder and CEO of Shifting Vision

Edouard Sterngold is a Belgian-Israeli tech entrepreneur and art collector. An alumnus of Harvard Business School, he founded and runs several innovative technology-related businesses. He has been involved with art all his life, and has established long-standing relationships with world-renowned artists and art institutions across the globe. Sterngold has been an active player in major technological shifts of the last three decades,  from the personal-computer revolution to the rise of ecommerce. His deep passion for art inspired him to found Shifting Vision in 2020 — a creative production studio which uses innovative technologies to support established contemporary artists generate new work. Shifting Vision has key partnerships with leading arts organisations for exhibitions and sales. Their approach with each artist is unique, as concept and craft demand equal consideration for any project to reach its full potential. Shifting Vision also produces art films with leading arts professionals, artists, and institutions. Deeply rooted in collaboration, their passion is providing artists with the technological tools to experiment and develop innovative artworks that push the boundaries of conventional forms.


Author and Cultural Strategy Consultant

András Szántó, Ph.D. is an influential writer and researcher on art, media, cultural policy, arts sponsorship and philanthropy. He is the author and editor of numerous books and research reports and has been a contributor to The Art Newspaper, New York Times, Artforum and other leading publications. András has taught art business and marketing at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art and served as director of the National Arts Journalism Program and the NEA Arts Journalism Institute, both at Columbia University. He is the founder of New York-based Andras Szántó LLC, which provides strategic counsel to museums, cultural organisations, commercial brands and educational institutions worldwide. Clients include Art Basel, ScuptureCenter, Pioneerworks, MSU Broad Museum, Michigan State University, Kunstmuseum Basel andThe Dallas Museum of Arts. The firm also works on many of the world’s leading brand initiatives in the arts, including those of Audemars Piguet, Absolut, BMW, Davidoff.  Szántó’s latest book is The Future of the Museums: 28 Dialogues.

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