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Producing innovative
art projects

While our approach to each project is unique, our process is grounded in conceptual thinking as we believe that concept and craft demand equal consideration for any project to reach its full potential. We accompany artists from the incubator stage to the final exhibition, and produce films documenting the entire process of creating a new body of works.

Bringing new ideas

to the surface

The developing nature of art is a powerful tool to understand global questions of our time. Bringing together today’s leading artists, curators and museum directors, our short films explore the ways in which actuality influences our perception of the arts.

Strategic Partnership

Art and

Shifting Vision is an art production firm. We bring our technology expertise to artists to create new work and we produce films about art.

A global network
of curious minds

We believe in the power of collaboration. We establish long-term relationships with leading artists and arts organisations, and use new technologies to support them in the creation, sales and displays of artworks.


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