Image courtesy of the Medici Archive Project

An artwork is always changing. Its meaning and cultural significance is constantly shifting as the world evolves around it. At Shifting Vision, we know that the developing nature of art is a powerful tool to understand the global questions of our time.

Deeply rooted in collaboration, Shifting Vision are a dedicated team of creative producers. Our passion is providing artists with the tools and support to develop new art which inspires and challenges.

The Team

Edouard Sterngold
Founder and CEO

Edouard Sterngold is a Belgian-Israeli tech and art entrepreneur. An alumnus of Harvard Business School, he has founded and runs several innovative technology-related businesses. Sterngold has been involved with art his whole life, including founding a contemporary art gallery in Antwerp in the late 1970s, and has established long-standing relationships with world-renowned artists and art institutions across the globe. He is also an art collector with a focus on contemporary art. Sterngold has been an active player in major technological shifts over the last three decades, from the personal-computer revolution to the rise of e-commerce. His involvement in both art and technology inspired him to found Shifting Vision in 2020. Sterngold is actively involved with various international museums and is on the board of the Israeli Friends of Israel Museum and heads their acquisition committee. He is also a member of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s friends.

Jemma Israelson
Head Curator

Jemma Elliott-Israelson is a Canadian-Israeli curator. She has an undergraduate degree in History of Art with a minor in Classics from McGill University with the University of Edinburgh, a Master’s degree in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art and a diploma in Art Galleries, Museums and Curation from Sotheby’s Institute in London. She has held curatorial and research internships positions at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, The Royal Collection Trust, the Guildhall Gallery, the Jewish Museum London, the Israel Museum Jerusalem, and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice. Israelson was Client and Business Development Coordinator at Christie’s in the Tel Aviv office before joining Shifting Vision in 2020. She is responsible for all curatorial projects as well as institutional partnerships and is the Ghetto Redux lead liaison for both the artists and the Medici Archive.

Ana Catarina Bizarro
Production Assistant

Giulia Magno
Art Director and Filmmaker - at large

Studio Giulia Garbin
Art Direction and Graphic Design

Kevin Mifsud