Reverse Again, Ron Arad, 2022

Ron Arad
Reverse Again

Ron Arad, one of the most influential artists, designers and architects of our time, defies categorisation between sculpture, industrial design and architecture. Shifting Vision had the pleasure of collaborating with him on Reverse Again, a new body of works carrying forward the exploration of handmade and digital processes initiated in his 2014 solo exhibition In Reverse.

The video work Slow Outburst is a virtual experiment revealing the simulated effects of the crushing process on the body of a Fiat 500. The work takes Arad’s Pressed Flowers into the digital realm using 3D animation to virtually crush the car.  Shifting Vision worked with Arad to create 15 unique pieces in different colours. The soundtrack was composed by Oscar-winning composer Dario Marianelli.  Two digital prints were made to round out the series of work and the May issue of Wallpaper* Magazine featured Limited Edition printed and digital covers by Ron Arad created with Shifting Vision. The issue featured an article by Nick Compton describing the creative process behind the series in conversation with Arad, CEO and founder of Shiting Vision Edouard Sterngold, and Head Curator Jemma Elliott-Israelson. 

Slow Outburst has been exhibited worldwide at the Italian Cultural Institute New York (Sept 2022), Phillips London (Nov 2022) , Artcurial Paris (Dec 2022), at the Salone di Mobile in Milan (April 2023), and Opera Gallery New York (May 2023.) 

Selected works are available to purchase via Opera Gallery 


“Ron Arad – Reverse Again” Film

Sitting in his London living room, the artist retraces his long-standing fascination with the iconic Fiat 500 — from the childhood memories of his father’s car to the idea of crushing Fiat 500s into “paintings” (or Pressed Flowers as he affectionately titled them).

The film has been selected for: 

Pompei Street Cinema Festival, Italy, 2023

Watch the short film here: Ron Arad: Reverse Again