"Future Relics" launch party

On the 3rd of February, Shifting Vision and Galerie Philia officially launched “Future Relics“. This ambitious research-based artistic project, developed in partnership with the Medici Archive Project, had its launch event at Spazio Sassetti in Florence.

Distinguished guests, including artists, curators, designers, and collectors, such as Edouard Sterngold (Founder and CEO of Shifting Vision), Ygaël Attali (Co-founder and director of Galerie Philia), and Dr. Alessio Assonitis (Director of the Medici Archive Project), attended the event.

The event commenced with an introduction to “Shifting Vision” and “Future Relics” by Jemma Elliott-Israelson, Head Curator at Shifting Vision, followed by talks from Dr. Alessio Assonitis and Ygaël Attali. Additionally, Pierre de Valk, one of the Future Relics designers, gave a talk about the creative process, spanning from his research trip to the execution of the piece – a cassone inspired by his research trip to Florence in November 2023. There were works displayed at the event from Future Relics designers including Laura Pasquino, Elsa Foulon, Pierre de Valk, Karu, and Morghen.

The new pieces created by Future Relics designers will be showcased in a collective exhibition in October 2024.

Jemma Elliott-Israelson, Shifting Vision Head Curator, gave a talk about Future Relics and our collaboration with The Medici Archive Project and Galerie Philia.
Nathalie Bierenbaum and Edouard Sterngold, the COO and the founder and CEO of Shifting Vision, respectively, with Ygaël Attali, the co-founder and director of Galerie Philia.
Danny Avidan and Elisabetta Alfani
Emilia Colarossi
Nathalie Bierenbaum, Chief Operating Officer at Shifting Vision, along with Laura Pasquino and Edouard Sterngold, Founder and CEO of Shifting Vision.
Future Relics designers who joined the event, Laura Pasquino, Elsa Foulon, Roberto Tarter and Rodolfo Viola (Morghen), Pierre De Valk and Melanie Murata (Karu)