Ron Arad – Research Trip to Florence

On the 27th of February 2023, Ron Arad commenced a research trip to Florence for a new artwork inspired by the history of the Florentine Jewish Ghetto. Collaborating with the Shifting Vision curator and MAP scholars, he immersed himself in the Medici Archive, extracting insight and inspiration.

The trip included private tours of museums such as the Museo del Novecento and Palazzo Pitti. This immersive exploration, supported by collaboration with the Shifting Vision head curator and MAP scholars, promises a project that seamlessly merges artistic vision with scholarly depth.

Ron Arad is one of the five talented artists on our collaborative project with the Medici Archive “Ghetto Redux”. The artist is currently focused on advancing his research and developing a comprehensive plan for producing his upcoming pieces. In 2025, Ghetto Redux’s artists will come together to present their works in a highly anticipated exhibition.

Image 1: Ron Arad at Palazzo Vecchio in February 2023, looking at the installation of the Museo Novecento show "Giacometti – Fontana. La ricerca dell’assoluto". Image 2: Ron Arad looking at a tapestry at Palazzo Pitti in February 2023