The Project

An artwork is always changing. Its meaning and cultural significance is constantly shifting as the world evolves around it. At Shifting Vision, we know the developing nature of art can be a powerful tool to understand global questions of our time.

Bringing together contemporary artists, curators, collectors and creatives, Shifting Vision examines how current social, political, and ecological issues influence our perception of the arts.

Our aim is to engage you emotionally, intellectually, and visually with the arts. Short-form video interviews and curated texts provide an intimate look at the artists' creative processes and world-leading art institutions. We hope you will interact with us and engage with the art using all your senses. Our mission is to build a living community of curious minds and spark thought-provoking dialogue about the role of the arts in the challenges facing the world today.

Edouard Sterngold

Founder & CEO

Giulia Magno

Art Director & Filmmaker

Jemma Elliott-Israelson

Managing Editor & Content Curator


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