Research trips to Florence


In partnership with the Medici Archive, Shifting Vision organized several research trips to Florence, inviting world-renowned artists to explore the extensive archive documentation and create new artworks in response to the Medici legacy.

Ron Arad

Lihi Turjeman

Vincent Namatjira

Pierre De Valck

In collaboration with the Medici Archive Project, Shifting Vision is commissioning world-renowned artists to bring contemporary art programming to the archive. The core of the program is a personalized visit to Florence for the commissioned artist to create a work of art. In response to the central theme, the artist will explore the material, archival and cultural heritage of the Medici family through their personal style, their own craft techniques and the materials usually chosen by the artist in their practice. Working alongside a MAP senior researcher, the immersion plan will encourage the artist to reflect on their project idea, drawing on stimuli from the cultural heritage of the Florentine Renaissance. These visits encourage a detailed investigation of the Medici family’s history as political leaders and patrons, as well as an exploration of the link between archival heritage, craft objects and works of art in the city’s main museums and galleries. Each visit involves the identification of objects which, because of their manufacture, use of materials, style, composition or conceptual line, will inspire the individual artist. The contextualization of objects by specialists and the selection of documentary sources directly related to the project’s theme offer a unique opportunity for ongoing learning, scholarly research and creative inspiration.